Top 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

Shaping career, getting a good degree and having a handsome salary falls under every students’ dreams. There are colleges and Universities in and out of the country providing great opportunities for students who are hardworking and brilliant. However, going abroad on a student visa can be really difficult because of high competition and irrational cutoffs that occur at different times. Studying abroad can be really a rewarding experience. With several opportunities and a wide- scope on related field can help students learn everything through the times they go through on a foreign land.

There are several colleges abroad that provide opportunities to international students but this shall require strength and confidence in the students together with a good resume and personal statements. Studying abroad explores the freedom of travel while also gaining real life independent experience, knowledge and understanding of a different culture and a good foreign degree required in shaping career and landing a great job. However, thinking of pursuing higher education on a foreign land requires good school credits, and the right decision. Here we list the top 10 best countries to study abroad and carry on with a higher education to have a prosperous life together with a bright future.

10. Spain

Spain National Flag- Top 10 best countries to study abroad

Spain has been one of the most attractive country for studying abroad. With a good mix of the Mediterranean climate together with the European culture and attractive style, many young students think of going to cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Other places include the cities like Seville and Granada where a lot of international students live. Spain is famous for diverse culture and fascinating streets. Spain can best suit to students who are pursuing their education in arts and architecture. Some of the best universities of Spain for international students include Marbel Design Academy, European University (Barcelona), Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (Madrid), Marbel University etc.

9. Sweden

National Flag of sweden- Top 10 best countries to study abroad

Sweden was one of the biggest Empire of the 17th Century and is a home to a lot of Nobel Prize laureates. Because of the social justice and security that prevails in every nooks and corners of Sweden, a lot of international students come to this country. This country enjoys the lowest pay gaps between genders. Several business like Ikea and Volvo are established here. Together with its European beauty, tuition fees are free for students from any country of the EU. Most of the medical students are attracted to this country because of quality education at minimal cost in this country. Some of the top ranking universities of this country are Lund University, Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm School of Economics, etc.

8. Netherlands

National flag of Netherlands- Top 10 best countries to study abroad

Netherlands is regarded as one of the most developed and wealthy nation in the entire world. It also has the most dense population in urban areas. The country is famous for its liberal arts education. The country had around 45,000 students around different parts of the world in 2009. Higher education system is said to have established since the 16th century in this country. Together with the education system, people are a lot familiar to speaking English as their second language. Considering Netherlands can be the best idea if you’re thinking of European education. Some of the top universities of this country includes the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Utrecht University, etc.

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