Top 10 Amazing Facts about Nepal

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phurba says:

proud to be Nepali

Netra Dhakal says:

Nepal is my country, my pride. I might not be physically there, but my heart never left mother nepal.

ashish thapa says:

love nepal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how it looks ,,what it have,,,it doesn’t matter

Bharat dawadi says:

my nation my pride//

bipin21au says:

Love it. Tara electricity ra internet connection speed le laaz lagyo

Mdr AVi says:

Sunda ta ramrai lagxa 😛

pradip sah says:

Awesome words …..its really true fact abt great nepal ……Thanq for this one …..

himanshu says:

so nice to hear about nepal…..peace and holy place aswell !

Roshan Bhatta says:

what an interesting article. Truly impressed and thank you writer for sharing this with us,

Sujan Parajuli says:

My country, my pride, my Nepal.