Top 10 Funniest Superstitions in the World

People have feared black cats crossing their path for generations now as it is symbolic of something bad about to happen. Another ironic and rather immensely strange superstition is that if you laugh too much, chances are you are welcoming evil upon you. Though these are believed in rather firmly by various people all over the world, there are some superstitions that not only leave you scratching your head but also in fits. Where some individuals might avoid walking under ladders, hopping above a cracked pavement or letting a black cat cross their path, there are some that take these to a whole new level. These are completely bizarre, so to save yourself the embarrassment in case you ever sit with a very paranoid person, here are ten of the funniest superstitions to have ever existed.


10. Carrying an Acorn to Always Stay and Look Young

Though this superstition is believed because of its “logic,” it is still as weird as it sounds to someone who is a stranger to Ancient Britain. Back in the day women had no idea of what an anti-aging cream or a Botox was. Carrying a tiny acorn in their pocket was all the Botox they needed. The belief was that as long as there was an acorn in their pocket, their youth would be protected and all diseases be shunned. Why spend thousands of dollars fixing your face when a tiny acorn can do the trick?


9. Men Should Avoid Lettuce if They Wish to Have Kids

There are many doctors who tell men and women to avoid certain food in their diet when trying to conceive a baby, but back in the day this diet control went far beyond that. Men were strictly forbidden not to consume not just lettuce but preferably any salad whatsoever if they wished to have a baby. This is because consuming the plant made it impossible for men to impregnate the woman.


8. Chewing Gum at Night in Turkey

Weird superstitions exist in various parts of the world; Turkey is the harbor of one rather hilarious superstition. There are many people here who believe that if you are caught chewing any kind of gum in the middle of the night, then chances are that you are chewing someone’s flesh. Don’t want to be a man-eater when in Turkey? Best avoid gum at all costs.

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