Top Ten Euro Football Teams Sponsored by Betting Companies

Sponsorships have evolved greatly in the past decades, and what was once a simple marketing trick to get your product out there now it’s a multi-billion industry. Marketing is so profitable that even betting companies have deeply entered sports especially football.

Now it’s easy to get to know which the biggest and most reputable betting companies are. You can just watch football and you will know where to place bets or seek out pokies with free spins. Thanks to their sponsorship deals, football clubs enjoy hefty annual incomes today, and the biggest incomes are with the European football teams.


1. Manchester United

Even the biggest football teams like Manchester United have sponsorship deals with betting companies. At the moment Manchester United is sponsored by Marathonbet and Kama Games. Marathonbet is a global online betting company that provides betting opportunities to millions of players worldwide, while Kama Games is a social casino games company. Prior to that Manchester United had a 1.5 million EUR per year deal with the UK betting company Betfair.


2. Aston Villa

The Premier League is a hotspot for betting companies, as almost every team has a sponsorship deal with one. Even the lower league teams do. Aston Villa, a team that was relegated from the Premier League this year, at the moment is sponsored by Betfair, while previously the main shirt sponsor was Genting Casino, a huge company with over 40 casinos in the UK and Malaysia.


3. Arsenal

Betfair is one of the sponsors of Arsenal too. It seems that it’s the most widely spread betting company in the Premier League. Arsenal is sponsored by Bodog as well, which covers the Asian market. Another betting company that was interested in Arsenal and struck a deal is PaddyPower, as well as Sport Pesa and the US daily fantasy betting company Draft Kings. Previously Betsson was investing into Arsenal but after Arsenal’s demise in the Champions League the company withdrew.


4. Bayern Munich

Over in Germany the situation is a bit calmer, but you can find some teams sponsored by betting companies too. Bayern Munich is one of the biggest football brands of Germany, and yet only one betting company sponsors the team, Tipico.


5. Hertha BSC

Among the very little German clubs with betting companies as partners is Hertha BSC too. This team has had much of a success this season so it’s only natural why is still the main sponsor of the team. Not only that, Hertha BSC is the biggest football club in Berlin, which is a big betting market for the company.


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